Engagement Specialist

SGD 5000 - SGD 6000
Raffles Place
Years of Experience
Entry Level

Job Description



We are looking for an Engagement Specialist working to improve client relationships within a corporate setting. The job is to reduce client churn, while possibly up-selling new services to existing clients.




Our client provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions to support business growth in Singapore and globally.





Job Summary Responsibilities


The Engagement Specialist must work to understand the unique perspective of the target audience, and their wants, needs, and priorities, in order to improve their interaction with the company or organization. The role typically requires the development of an engagement plan that could include activities designed tobuild these relationships.



·        To improve client relationships within a corporate setting.

·        Require service delivery, and budget or project management.

·        Handle billing or invoicing

·        Identify and utilize tools designed to improve the relationship between provider and audience

·        Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams.

·        Analyze data to determine which audience engagement techniques are succeeding and which ones need to be revamped.

·        This work may require travel off-site, and it usually requires a lot of client-facing time.



·        Able to prioritize under deadline pressure

·        Responsive to requests from clients or management

·        Experts in delivering outcomes, achieving goals, and solving problems

·        Strong communicators with skills in writing and public speaking

·        Excellent with time and task management skills

·        Able to work independently

·        Able to see the big picture as well as the small details

·        Diploma in any field

About the company

Hatch Careers specializes in delivering human capital solutions and innovative HR approaches to our clients such as Contract, Permanent Placement, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Management Solutions. At Hatch Careers, we believe in the importance of forming real connections with our clients. Moving away from the traditional methods and streamlining the recruitment process to shorten time to hire and recruitment cost. With fresh perspectives, a unique yet consultative approach, we bring the world's best companies and key talented professionals together.

Job Type



Human Resources Management / Consulting


Accounting/Finance, Banking/Financial


Higher Secondary/Pre-U/'A' Level, Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree
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